Lake Metroparks - Greenway Corridor

Greenway Corridor

Painesville/Concord Township
Chair Factory Falls

The Greenway Corridor is a 4.8-mile paved trail links the municipalities of Painesville, Painesville Township and Concord Township allowing visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of these communities in a safe environment.

Travelers will cross two bridges and experience varied levels of terrain ranging from a 660 ft. elevation in Painesville to an elevation of 895 ft. in Concord Township. The southern end of the trail connects the Greenway Corridor with The Maple Highlands Trail to Chardon.

Parking information and trail map

Parking Areas

Parking is available at four locations along the Greenway Corridor.


Rt. 84 & Liberty St.
GPS Lon: 81° 14' 20.453" W • Lat: 41° 42' 25.559" N

Concord Township

Old Stone School
7125 Ravenna Rd. (500 feet north of Concord-Hambden Rd.)
GPS Lon: 81° 13' 18.579" W • Lat: 41° 40' 28.504" N

NEW 7371 Ravenna Rd.
GPS Lon: 81°13'20.727" W • Lat: 41°40'10.055" N

10850 Girdled Rd. (just east of Crile Rd.)
GPS Lon: 81° 14' 26.402" W • Lat: 41° 38' 50.698" N

Chair Factory Falls

The beautiful waterfall locally known as “Chair Factory Falls” is the natural feature accessible by a pedestrian trail off of Lake Metroparks Greenway Corridor in Concord Township.

Lake Metroparks installed this 0.3-mile trail to provide safe public access to view the falls, which were previously privately owned. The project was made possible by the donation of 4.5 acres of land by Laura MacMillan Crago, Johanna Bates, and Julia MacMillan in loving memory of George V. Bates, III and Susan Bates MacMillan.

Please note: There is a steep hill that heads down to the overlook of the falls.

Directions to Chair Factory Falls

Closest parking access is at Concord Township’s Old Stone School at 7125 Ravenna Rd. (500 feet north of Concord-Hambden Rd.). From the parking lot, visitors walk down a short access path to the paved Greenway Corridor and turn left, then proceed 0.2 mile to the trail head leading to Chair Factory Falls.

Safety & Rules

To assure that all using the Greenway Corridor have a pleasant and safe experience, please familiarize yourself with and practice the following rules:

  • Bicyclists should obey the same traffic regulations as motor vehicles.
  • Bicyclists should ride in a controlled, responsible manner at all times.
  • Pedestrians always have the right of way.
  • Bicyclists should ride as near to the right side as practicable.
  • Bicyclists must not ride more than two abreast in a single lane.
  • Bicycles must have a permanent seat and carry no more persons than the number for which they are designed and equipped.
  • Bicyclists should always indicate their intention to turn, move to the left or right or stop. This is done by using hand and arm signals.
  • Bicyclists must audibly signal before passing and pass on the left. Bikes must be equipped with a bell or device capable of giving a signal audible at least one hundred feet away. Whistles or sirens are not acceptable.
  • Mutt-Mitts are available at various locations along the corridor. Cleaning up after animals is the responsibility of the owner


The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, founded in 1827, owns a prominent place in the cultural and economic history of the United States and that of our own Lake County. Countless memorable events mark the progress and succession of the railroad during its 160-year span of operation. Original tracks linking the nation's rail system to Lake Erie were laid in Lake County in 1870 and acquired by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in the 1890s. The railroad provided freight service in and out of Painesville, moving some five million tons of coal and iron ore annually.

Today, Lake Metroparks uses the same route that our forefathers founded so many years ago as the Greenway Corridor. Sounds of bicycle wheels and happy walkers replace train whistles and the clattering of tracks as one travels on the 4.8-mile paved trail.

This project was funded through a Federal ISTEA Highway Grant and administered by the Ohio Department of Transportation. Lake Metroparks provided engineering and planning services to ensure a safe, ADA accessible public facility for the enjoyment of this and future generations.

Happy Trails to All!